Monday, 17 November 2008

Campanha de Natal (Wildlife Adoptions)

What a meaningful way to show you care: Give a truly significant gift and help to save African wildlife in peril by adopting an individual animal or family of animals for yourself, or to celebrate the birthday, graduation, marriage, or anniversary of your friends and family. Your recipient will receive:
A plush toy, representing the animal you adopt for them
A personalized certificate of adoption, suitable for framing
A fascinating Factsheet featuring a picture of your adopted animal
A one-year membership in the African Wildlife Foundation, including a subscription to African Wildlife News, our informative, photo-rich quarterly newsletter


Paulo Cunha Porto said...

Ah, o post anterior era todo preparação para salvar, literalmente, o Leão! Não deixa de ser uma boa causa, endosso-a sem constrangimentos.

Nocas Verde said...

Paulo, :)